Branding and marketing Whyte & Brown

The client: restaurant Whyte & Brown.

The challenge: to identify and articulate the strengths of the brand, its USPs and bring them to life with a range of engaging communications materials.

Our approach: our first step was to speak to the founders of Whyte and Brown to understand their vision. We then mapped this against their existing customer feedback. In this way we gained an understanding on the strengths of the brand which we need to ensure were at the forefront of any communications.

Our solution

  • A revised positioning which tapped into customer needs.
  • A new look and feel for the brand, applied to key collateral such as menus and interior design.
  • Digital marketing plan.
  • Ongoing delivery of e-marketing.
  • Ongoing strategic consultancy.

The results

The restaurant is going from strength to strength with increased sales and satisfied customers.

We have also successfully increased their email database, social media following and web traffic.