Brand positioning for Freddie Grubb

The client: Bicycle brand, Freddie Grubb.

The challenge: As a new entrant in a competitive market, Freddie Grubb wanted to gain enough exposure to build interest and ultimately sales in their new range of bikes to ensure a sustainable future for their business.

Our approach: We designed a workshop that brought together our creative, communications and social media strategists with Freddie Grubb’s design team to co-create the plan. The objectives of the workshop were to define the brand story and marketing campaign.

Our solution: We used the Business Model Canvas to clarify Freddie Grubb’s business model and customer segmentation. We then worked on a compelling brand story positioning that focused on the bike’s durability and styled simplicity that appealed to the urban creative. Finally we mapped out an integrated marketing plan that covered the run-up to the launch of the brand and the following 12 months.

The results: Freddie Grubb has a compelling brand story that the whole team could get behind and an actionable plan will help them achieve their objectives.