Growing community entrepreneurs with Hatch

Entrepreneurship workshop with Hatch

The client: Hatch Enterprise

The challenge: Hatch approached Make Happy to help them design and deliver a series of workshops as part of their Incubator Programme. The programme is dedicated to giving entrepreneurs the tools and skills they need to be successful and helping start-ups to become sustainable in the long term. They provide crucial knowledge and expertise, creative tools and business resources for entrepreneurs at all stages.

Our approach: Working closely with the team at Hatch, we developed a series of workshops to be delivered in one and a half hour slots. Using our extensive experience of working with start-ups and social businesses, we focused on designing highly interactive sessions that would give entrepreneurs valuable tools, theories and processes which they could apply to build and scale their businesses.

Our solution: We designed a number of sessions which encouraged the group to learn and understand key theories and then apply them to their own business contexts. Each session gave the entrepreneurs frameworks and tools which they could use to work on their businesses. The programme we created covered:

  • How to use the Business Model Canvas to model a business
  • How to build an effective marketing plan and stick to it
  • How to use Creative Problem Solving to find new solutions to business challenges

The results: Our sessions were consistently rated as ‘excellent’ and ‘highly relevant’ by participants. Attendees left the sessions with a suite of tools and theories that they could put into practice in their businesses right away. We are now preparing to work with Cohort 8.


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