The Merit of a Mentor

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Starting a new business? Get yourself a mentor.

What do Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates all have in common?

A trillion dollars? A Plane?

Nope. They all had a mentor.

When we think of successful businesses, we often simply focus on having a great idea. But an idea that will change the world as we know it is only the beginning- it’s a a good start but still not enough.

Sometimes, the path of an entrepreneur is a lonely one which can leave you feeling isolated from family and friends. That’s where a mentor can step in and lead the way! Having someone to keep you motivated and focused may be just the thing to keep you from complete burnout.

Here are just a few benefits of having a mentor:

1. They can keep you on track- setting goals and having deadlines for yourself is all well and good, but a mentor will hold you to account and ensure you are moving in the right direction.

2. They’ve been in your shoes- they understand the frustrations, highs and lows of starting a business. They can empathise with some of the things your family and friends can only sympathise with. This can be enormously comforting.

3. They can advise- they can help you side step some of the mistakes that could end up costing you time and money.

4. They are objective – they are not a stakeholder and they’re not emotionally involved. They are able to look at your business with ‘fresh eyes’.

How you go about finding your mentor is up to you. You may already have someone in mine that you just need to reach out to or, alternatively, you can find one using a range of schemes like, designed to connect businesses to mentors.

Make sure your mentor is a good ‘fit’ as you’ll be meeting frequently. Be as honest as you can and listen to their advice- even if you don’t end up following it!

Your business will thank you for it.

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